Don’t fight with the market – manage your energy

Many times we have processes that guide us in risk management and trade entries/exits, but not in processes that keep us in the right state for peak performance.

Can we truly expect to succeed at trading if we are operating in less than fully energized states?

Today was one of those days.. churning the account and spinning the wheels..

When we are energized, we are most alert, most mentally switched-on, and most able to process information broadly, quickly, and deeply.  It is very difficult to be at our cognitive peak if we are run-down, bored, suffering a draw-down or otherwise in low energy states.

Perhaps most important of all, it is when we are energized that we have greatest access to our strengths in all areas of life.

A process that manages and maximizes our energy would include at least five components:

  • Ways of taking breaks from trading that keep us alert and renewed;
  • Ways of preparing for trading that keep us positively and constructively focused;
  • Ways of interacting with other traders that keep us informed and inspired;
  • Ways of using our time outside trading to do things that excite and interest us;
  • Ways of using our time outside trading to stay physically fit and energized.


Risk | Forex | Psychology - Trading is primarily a behavioral exercise; understand your behavior and your more likely to be a successful trader.

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