Consistency is the result of a care free objective state of mind

Ultimately making money is everyone’s objective, but if trading were only a matter of making money, reading books etc. would not be necessary. Putting on a winning trade or even a series of winning trades requires absolutely no skill. On the other hand creating consistent results and being able to keep what we created does require skill.

Making money consistently is a byproduct of acquiring and mastering certain mental skills. The degree to which you understand this is the same degree to which you will stop focusing on the money and focus instead of how you can use your trading as a tool to master these skills.

Consistency is the result of a care free objective state of mind, where we are making ourselves available to perceive and act upon whatever the market is offering us, from its perspective in any given now moment.

The best traders have trained their mind to believe in the uniqueness of each moment.

In the absence of extreme clarity and conviction, the technique of self disciple over time will do the job quite nicely if of course you are willing to use it. To get there you must make up your mind with as much conviction and clarity as possible, that more than anything else you desire consistency, the state of mind of trust and confidence and objectivity from your trading.

A clear and intense desire is required.

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